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Our Story

We are a local small business specializing in repairing electronic devices, computer modeling, and 3D printing. We are fresh graduates from  Mechanical Engineering at Algonquin College. Between the both of us we have over 10 years experience in the field of Electronics, and 6 years of experience in CAD and 3D Printing. Our goal is to offer fast, reliable, and friendly repair and design services in the Ottawa area at competitive prices.    

Hi, my name is Quoc Bao Hua, I am the Lead Designer at Ottawa Valley Design and Repair. I am someone who has a strong passion for 3D Design. This passion has been growing ever since I began my journey as a Mechanical Engineering student at Algonquin College. I have always been fascinated by how different mechanisms work and learning how to apply those to real-life applications. Seeing my 3D models come to life and work nicely as they do in the software is simply joyful and satisfying. My job is to give you consultation and help you with your design. With nearly 3 years of 3D modeling experience and 2 years of 3D printing experience, I will work hard to assure you that my designs will be what you are looking for and desire. 


Hi, my name is Nathan Prokaska, and I am the lead repair technician at Ottawa Valley Design and Repair. My main purpose here at the shop is to diagnose, suggest and implement repair options for your device. I have 8 years of experience in electronic repair, which I have gained from various independent jobs and personal projects. My passion of electronics has been with me ever since I was a kid, as I used to regularly like to take things apart and see how they functioned. I am also currently in my last year of mechanical engineering at Algonquin College, where I have taken various courses including industrial electronics, computer aided design, manufacturing, and material science. With all this culminated experience and hands-on knowledge, I have confidence that I will be able to bring your device back into working order.    

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