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Engineering Plans

Computer Aided Design

With our 5 years of 3D design and CAD software experience, we can bring your dream model into reality. We help you to better visualize and examine your design by displaying it in 3D space. This process involves creating a dimensioned model with our premium CAD software, then creating a virtual drawing to show you the different features within. Depending on the complexity of the design we can also include  step-by-step assembly instructions with detailed views and custom comments. 

In order to create your desired part we require a few details:

  • A hand drawn sketch or a consultation with us to create one

  • Approximate dimensions for the design, and or the space it is going into

  • The allowable tolerances for your design or method of manufacturing

We also offer a 3D Printing manufacturing processes to bring your model into the real world. This option is great for quick prototypes and can even work as a replacement part in low stress applications. Click below to learn more!  

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