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Terms of Service


We try our best to diagnose what is wrong with your device! This process can sometimes take upwards of two hours, and is a big part of our job. Because of this, we charge a fee of $20.00 when the device is dropped off. This pays for the time we spend diagnosing your device and is non-refundable. The diagnostics fee will be carried over to the final bill if a repair option is accepted.   


Electronic repairs can be unpredictable; devices may be beyond fixing or there could be a risk of further damage during the repair attempt. With our many years of experience we will try our best to ensure your device is restored to working order, but we cannot guarantee a fix every time.

For devices such as phones and tablets with screens that are glued onto the device, which require hot air and prying to open, a certain amount of risk is inherent during a repair. This has been known to disable certain features like Touch/Face ID depending on the condition of the device. Though this is rare it is a possibility we do not take responsibility for.

Water damaged devices often have shorted parts or may have corroded internally, which complicates the repair. There is always a chance the device may be deemed unfixable. In this case, the device will be returned to the customer in the same condition as we received it.

No Fix Policy

Upon deeming the device unfixable the customer will be contacted and asked to pick up the device and settle any repair costs associated with their account. These costs will just include the parts used while attempting the repair, exempting the labor cost. Under certain conditions, we may offer to purchase the broken device from the customer to be used as spare parts for other repair jobs.   


For each of our services we offer a free no obligation quote. We strive to provide an accurate initial estimate, but due to the difficulty identifying every problem afflicting the device or service our initial quote is not final. We base our initial quotes on the repair we think may be necessary to fix the problem, and how much time it will take to do so. Any work quoted will be done at the quoted price, but if any additional services are required the customer will be notified before any further work is done and quoted a new fixed price for the service. The customer may refuse the new quote and has the option to continue with the quoted work or may declare the device a no-fix in which case the No Fix policy comes into effect.


We offer a 30-day warranty on all services done. If the issue from the original work order reoccurs or persists, we will perform the service again at no additional cost. This repair warranty is voided for problems that occur not related to the services performed. This includes but is not limited to, the reoccurrence of viruses, re-breaking of screens, modification of existing hardware / software by the user, and reoccurrence of water damage.

For prints, if the object deforms, layers come apart, or it is not within the 0.3 mm tolerance, we will re-print the model at no additional cost. The warranty will be voided on prints that have been damaged or modified by the user or on user inflicted cosmetic defects.

Manufacture Warranty Policy

We do not fulfil or offer repairs based on manufacturers’ warranties. In most cases, opening the device voids any warranty the manufacturer offers. The customer takes responsibility for any warranties that may be voided during the repair or assembly process. The customer also takes responsibility for any warranties bought with a new device and will have to process them personally through the respective manufacturer in the event of a claim.   

Refusal of Service

We hold the right to refuse a customer if we deem a device has been obtained illegitimately or if our service is being used in an inappropriate or nefarious way. We may also refuse a job if we feel the service cannot be completed properly using the equipment and know-how at hand.  

We thank you for your trust in Ottawa Valley Design and Repair!

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