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Ottawa Valley Design and Repair 

Fast and reliable design and repair services at competitive prices


3D Printing

Have You Seen or Created a Model You'd like to Print?

Our Top Quality Machines Are on Standby to Receive Your Order!

Do You Need a Specific Color or Material?

Our Vast Library of Filament Can Meet The Needs Of Any Project!

Is There a Custom Part You Need Made? 

We'll Model and print it With Custom Dimensions!

Looking For Low Cost Iterative Design?

We Can Make Changes and Create Parts Quickly To Verify Their Design!

Need a Replacement Plastic Component For an appliance?

We'll Model and Print it For You!

Need a Quick Gift Idea for any Occasion? 

With Tons of Free Models Already Available online there is a gift for anyone!

Brand new feature

The resin printer has finally arrived at OVDR. Featuring Anycubic Photon Mono X, with 0.05 mm resolution, printing models such as miniature is no longer impossible. Click LEARN MORE to see the printer.

Simulation 4.png


Do You Have a Design Idea That You Want To Bring to Life?

We can Help You Through the Design and Prototyping Process!

Is There a Custom Part You Need Made? 

We'll Model it With Custom Dimensions!

What a Custom Model of a Room or Structure?

We are able to create 3D representations of areas to get a better feel for layout and available space

Looking For a Custom Workbench?

We can Model it and Create Step-by-Step Drawings for Assembly!

Want a Professional Looking Render For a Part?

We Can Create Multiple Scenes To Show Off Your Part

Want to Simulate the Stresses or Flow Properties of a part?

We'll Model it and run the necessary
tests to come up with an accurate conclusion 



Is your Device Running Slow?

We can Diagnose The Problem and Pose Possible Repair Options

Have You Lost Or Deleted Files?

No worry! We Can Recover and Backup Hard-Drives and USB's

Own a Broken Electronic Device?

We offer repairs on a wide range of electronic devices, big and small!

Viruses Giving Your Device A Hard time?

Reliable software guarantees the virus removal

Need A Custom Built Computer? 

We Can Come Up With A System That Will Match Your Needs!

Looking to Upgrade Existing Hardware?

We can research and find the parts you need!



We are a local small business specializing in repairing electronic devices, computer modeling, and 3D printing. We are a pair of fresh graduates from Mechanical Engineering at Algonquin College. Between the both of us we have over 9 years of experience in the field of Electronics, and 6 years of experience in CAD and 3D Printing. Our goal is to offer fast, reliable, and friendly repair and design services in the Ottawa area at competitive prices.    


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